Electronic resources: access and issues


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Managing the electronic library

Hanson, Terry


"Managing the Electronic Library - A Practical Guide for Information Professionals will help library staff manage the development of an electronic library resource. It considers the management issues ..

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Total quality management in information services


Shows how to apply total quality management principles to library and information services units, with chapters on management practices in the information environment, improving customer care practice..

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Quality management and benchmarking


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Promoting excellence: personnel management...


Este excelente libro de cuentos nos encamina hacia un encuentro amoroso y solidario con diferentes tipos de mujeres que nos regalan aquello que sólo la literatura hace posible: traspasar los límites..

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Only connect: shaping networks and knowledge for the new millenium


In Only Connect Trevor Haywood explores the forces at work in the way we 'connect' to share information and knowledge. The central theme of the book explores just how 'transforming' information and co..

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Managing the new one-person library


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Information seeking in the online age: principles and practice


Information Seeking in the Online Age equips the reader with valuable knowledge on how to search and browse online databases, catalogues, CD-ROMs and the World Wide Web in order to effectively and eff..

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Information policy in the electronic age


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Financial and cost management for libraries and onformation services


Addressing the economic constraints faced by today's information sector and the financial responsibilities assumed by LIS managers in all spheres, Stephen Roberts, editor of the International Journal ..

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Entrepreneurial librarianship


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The corporate memory: information management in the electronic age


Provides a practical perspective on how corporate memory the information that an organization needs to keep for re-use can and should be handled in the electronic age. Deals with the management of ins..

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