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Alibri Llibreria, S.L. (formerly Librería Herder) is the bookshop with the largest and most marked scientific and international character in all of Catalonia.

We have an area of 1,500 m2 with 127,000 books divided into large thematic areas (Languages, Psychology and Education, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Economics, History and Art, Computing, Novels, Children's Literature, and Sciences Natural)

  • Bibliographic research: Information, search, and sale of any type of document in both paper and multimedia support (CD-Roms, DVDs, Electronic resources, etc.).
  • Search and sale service for hard-to-find, out-of-print, out-of-print books, second-hand books, etc.
  • Special discounts of up to 15%. (depending on purchase volume)
  • Deferred payments up to 90 days.
  • Elaboration of budgets: Without any kind of commitment.
  • Management, follow-up and personalized attention on the status of orders: Through our department (telephone, e-mail) or through our extranet service of Inquiry and Order Status. Delivery times, book information sold out, order status.
  • Treatment individualized to the needs of each institution: Mode, dates and type of billing, dates of shipments, etc.
  • Guarantee: Return for defective books, in bad condition, duplicates, etc...
  • Free shipping (depending on purchase volume)
  • Speed:  our commitment is to serve the books in the minimum time frame,  from the moment the order is processed and the documents are received.
  • We offer the possibility of purchase through our website and the selection of books in stock from our bookstore. At all times you will have advice and support for the choice and selection of ours specialized shop staff in each of the subjects.
  • Bibliographic information service for editorial news: We can present them and adapt them to your suggestions or needs (by subscribing to our newsletters)

Our Cataloging Department was created in 1999 and is  formed by  personnel with a diploma in Librarianship and Documentation with extensive knowledge of the Millennium client and the MARC21 format. Our cataloguers have received the training offered by the different Library Services and, in addition, they will receive all the relevant training that is necessary for the development of their work.

We provide cataloging services for:

  • Consortium of Libraries  Universities of Catalonia (CBUC)
  • Network of Specialized Libraries of the Generalitat (BEG)
  • Network of Public Libraries of the Provincial Council of Barcelona (DIBA)
  • Network of Public Libraries of the Generalitat (CCLP)
  • Barcelona Library Consortium (CBB)
  • Different departments of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Gencat)

Free cataloging: White cataloging level. Adaptation to the needs and specifications of each institution, library and/or catalog (own classification, descriptors...) .

Physical process of documents (Magnetization with anti-theft devices, placement of barcodes, tiles, lining, location of specimens, etc.)