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Il Novellino = El Novelino


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EDITIONS MEMINI | 9788886609302 | 2000 | 331 Pág. | Rústica | castellano | LIBRO

Reassessing the heroine in medieval french literature


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UNIVERSITY PRESS OF FLORIDA | 9780813018812 | 2001 | 187 Pág. | Tela | inglés | LIBRO

Layamon's Arthur: the arthurian section of Layamon's "Brut" (lines 9229-14297) Critical edition with translation and commentaries


"Layamon's Brut is a landmark in English literature; the first major work in English after the Norman Conquest, and the precursor of a rich Arthurian literature, from Malory to Tennyson and on to our ..

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UNIVERSITY OF EXETER PRESS | 9780859896856 | 2001 | 290 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

Agnes Blannbekin, viennese beguine: life and revelations


This early example of a spiritual diary incorporating the visions of a female mystic offers a glimpse of religious women's daily life and spiritual practices. Agnes Blannbekin was from an Austrian far..

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D.S. BREWER | 9780859916349 | 2002 | 184 Pág. | Tela | inglés | LIBRO

Gender in debate from the early middle ages to the Renaissance


Modern scholars generally treat the "debate about women" (querelle des femmes) as a late medieval phenomenon, perhaps touched upon by canonic authors like Chaucer but truly begun by Christine de Pizan..

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PALGRAVE MACMILLAN | 9780312232443 | 2002 | 292 Pág. | Tela | inglés | LIBRO

The Cambridge history of medieval english literature


This is the first fullscale history of medieval English literature for nearly a century. Thirty-three distinguished contributors provide information on a vast range of literary texts and the condition..

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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780521890465 | 2002 | 1043 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

Amor, escarnio y linaje en la literatura gallego -portuguesa


Durante más de dos siglos las cantigas gallego-portuguesas fueron el principal vehículo expresivo de la lírica peninsular. Renombrados poetas participaron en la creación y difusión de esta poesí..

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UNIVERSIDAD DEL PAIS VASCO | 9788483734230 | 2002 | 143 Pág. | Rústica | castellano | LIBRO

The medieval french Alexander


Alexander the Great was one of the legendary Nine Worthies in the medieval canon of ancient and modern heroes, and medieval writers exploited his legend in a wide variety of literary and didactic text..

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STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK PRESS | 9780791454442 | 2002 | 293 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

The apocryphal lives of Adam and Eve (edited from the Auchinleck Manuscript and from Trinity College, Oxford, MS 57)


"The two poems edited here are medieval English versions of the legendary lives of Adam and Eve, telling of their attempts to regain the Paradise they had just lost and their life after the Fall. The ..

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UNIVERSITY OF EXETER PRESS | 9780859896986 | 2002 | 158 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

The matter of identity in medieval romance


Identity is a central concern of medieval romance. Here it is approached through essays on issues of origin and parentage, transformation and identity, and fundamental questions of what constitutes th..

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D.S. BREWER | 9780859917612 | 2002 | 165 Pág. | Tela | inglés | LIBRO

Introducción a la semántica de la "Divina Commedia": teoría y análisis del símil


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EDICIONES DE LA DISCRETA | 9788493188689 | 2002 | 218 Pág. | Rústica | castellano | LIBRO

"La cort d'amor": a critical edition


The Cort d'Amor is a unique late twelfth-century allegorical romance in Occitan which predates the Roman de la Rose by some 50 years. Matthew Bardell highlights the work's intertextual relationship wi..

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LEGENDA | 9781900755665 | 2001 | 169 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

The poems of the Pearl Manuscript: Pearl/Cleanness/Patience/Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


This fourth edition of The Poems of the Pearl Manuscript has been newly revised and updated taking account of some of the more important textual and interpretive notes and articles published on the po..

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UNIVERSITY OF EXETER PRESS | 9780859897266 | 2002 | 373 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

The medieval craft of memory: an anthology of texts and pictures


In The Medieval Craft of Memory Mary Carruthers and Jan M. Ziolkowski bring together the texts and visual images from the twelfth through the fifteenth centuries that are central to an understanding o..

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UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA | 9780812236767 | 2002 | 312 Pág. | Tela | inglés | LIBRO

The legends of Arthur


The image of Arthur has haunted the poets and writers of western Europe for nearly nine centuries, and there is no sign of an end to the reign of the 'once and future king'. Sir Thomas Malory, creatin..

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BOYDELL & BREWER LTD | 9780851159508 | 2001 | 459 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

The vernacular spirit: essays on medieval religious literature


The late-medieval movement into "vernacular theology," as it has come to be called, inspired many forms of literary expression in all the languages of Europe. Juxtaposing a rich variety of texts, the ..

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PALGRAVE MACMILLAN | 9780312293857 | 2002 | 324 Pág. | Tela | inglés | LIBRO

Poesía goliárdica (Ed. bilingüe)


La poesía goliárdica, escrita en latín medieval siguiendo los modos de versificar de las lenguas vernáculas, tuvo su época de máximo esplendor en el siglo XII y a principios del XIII. Francia, A..

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EL ACANTILADO | 8495359278 | 2003 | 427 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Antología de la literatura nórdica antigua (edición bilingüe)


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UNIVERSIDAD DE SALAMANCA | 9788478007530 | 2003 | 409 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

Los "Fabliaux", vol. III (Edición bilingue)


El presente volumen de fabliaux traducidos al castellano pretende ser una continuación del primero, aparecido en 1990, donde había 18 cuentos traducidos, y del segundo, de 1996, en el que aparecía..

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UNIVERSIDAD DE MURCIA | 9788483713723 | 2003 | 505 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Tres contes meravellosos del segle XIV (La Faula de Guillem de Torroella / Salut d'amor / Frare-de-Goig i Sor-de-plaer)


Hay muchas interpretaciones de lo que pasó en Europa alrededor del año 1600, esa poesía barroca que estalla en todas las grandes literaturas occidentales; retorcida, profusa, enjoyada, con un derro..

QUADERNS CREMA S.A. | 9788477273974 | 2009 | 182 Pág. | Rústica | catalán | LIBRO

The legends of the Grail


The quest for the Holy Grail is one of the most important elements in the story of King Arthur. Yet even among the many interested in the stories of the Round Table, very few have read at first hand t..

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D.S. BREWER | 1843840065 | 2004 | 258 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

Middle english literature


The guide brings together a cross-section of key critical work, in order to demonstrate how different schools of thought have treated major interpretative concerns, including authorship, textual form,..

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BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS LTD. | 9780631232902 | 2004 | 264 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

The book unbound: editing and reading medieval manuscripts and texts


In The Book Unbound scholars and editors examine how best to use new technological tools and new methodologies with artefacts of medieval literature and culture. Taking into consideration English, Fre..

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TORONTO UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780802087560 | 2004 | 236 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

The medieval craft of memory: an anthology of texts and pictures


In The Medieval Craft of Memory Mary Carruthers and Jan M. Ziolkowski bring together the texts and visual images from the twelfth through the fifteenth centuries that are central to an understanding o..

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UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA | 9780812218817 | 2004 | 312 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Romane memento: Vergil in the fourth century


"This new collection of essays takes as its theme the reception of Rome's greatest poet in a time of profound cultural change. Amid the rise of Christianity, the changing status of the city of Rome, a..

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GERALD DUCKWORTH & CO. | 9780715632420 | 2004 | 238 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

Postcolonial approaches to european Middle Ages: translating cultures


This collection of original essays is dedicated to exploring the intersections between medieval and postcolonial studies. Ranging across a variety of academic disciplines, from art history to cartogra..

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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780521827317 | 2005 | 298 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

The world of Eleanor of Aquitaine: literature and society in southern France between the Eleventh and Thirteenth Centuries


This collection of papers brings together leading experts in the literature and history of southern medieval France. The important figure of Eleanor of Aquitaine (1124-1204) is used as a point of entr..

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BOYDELL & BREWER LTD | 9781843831143 | 2005 | 189 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

Re-viewing "Le morte d'Arthur": texts and contexts, characters and themes


The essays in this collection present a range of new ideas and approaches in Malory studies, looking again (as the title suggests) at several of the most debated critical points. A number of articles ..

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BOYDELL & BREWER LTD | 1843840359 | 2005 | 165 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

"Decameron" and the philosophy of storytelling: author as midwife and pimp


"Richard Kuhns explores the ways in which Decameron's sexual themes lead into philosophical inquiry, moral argument, and aesthetic and literary criticism. As he reveals the stories' many philosophical..

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COLUMBIA UNIV. PRESS | 9780231136082 | 2005 | 177 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

Lark in the morning: the verses of the troubadours (bilingual edition)


Estamos ante una etapa de constante cambio y evolución muy rápida del campo de la Saludá y del Fitness. Lo que antes eran simples gimnasios hoy se denominan clubes y centros de salud. Ya no es simp..

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THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS | 9780226429335 | 2005 | 343 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

The voyage of St. Brendan: representative versions of the legend in english translation


The story of the voyage of the sixth-century Irish saint, Brendan the Navigator, is one of the greatest legends of the Middle Ages. To the nations of medieval Europe the ocean voyage became a metaphor..

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UNIVERSITY OF EXETER PRESS | 9780859897556 | 2005 | 403 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

A companion to Chrétien de Troyes


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D.S. BREWER | 9781843840503 | 2005 | 242 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

Einarr Skúlason's "Geisli": a critical edition


Geisli is the earliest Nordic Christian drápa (long stanzaic poem) known to exist. Written by Einarr Skúlason, the twelfth century's premier Icelandic poet, Geisli marked a stylistic shift in Old No..

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TORONTO UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780802038227 | 2005 | 249 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Robert le Diable (Éd. bilingue)


Composé au début du XIIIe siècle, Robert le Diable retrace le parcours exemplaire d'un héros qui, né des œuvres du diable, s'illustre d'abord par les pires atrocités puis, apprenant le secr..

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CHAMPION | 9782745314208 | 2006 | 496 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

History of arthurian scholarship


This book offers the first comprehensive and analytical account of the development of Arthurian scholarship from the eighteenth century, or earlier, to the present day. The chapters, each written by a..

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D.S. BREWER | 9781843840695 | 2006 | 285 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

Medieval obscenities


Obscenity' is central to an understanding of medieval culture, and it is here examined in a number of different media.....

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YORK MEDIEVAL PRESS (USA) | 9781903153185 | 2006 | 210 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

Ausiàs March. Verse translations of thirty poems.


From the start, March's extant work lurches off the dwindling path of Provençal-Catalan and onto a new road of its own construction, using it to work out fresh ways of developing the traditional.Robe..

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TAMESIS | 9781855661301 | 2006 | 183 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

El cançoner de Joan Berenguer de Masdovelles


Aquesta obra, que ofereix una nova interpretació d’un famós cançoner de la Biblioteca de Catalunya i del seu autor i de les tècniques de composició al llarg de l’edat mitjana i del Renaixemen..

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PUBLICACIONS DE L' ABADIA DE MONTSERRAT | 9788484157892 | 2006 | 259 Pág. | Rústica | catalán | LIBRO

Marcabru: A critical edition


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D.S. BREWER | 9780859915748 | 0 Pág. | LIBRO

La Légende du Graal dans les litteratures européennes: anthologie commentée


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LE LIVRE DE POCHE | 9782253131250 | 2006 | 1238 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Arthur of the French: the arthurian legend in medieval french and occitan literature


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UNIVERSITY OF WALES PRESS | 9780708319642 | 2006 | 636 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

The making of christian myths in the periphery of latin Christendom (c.1000-1300)


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MUSEUM TUSCULANUM | 9788763504072 | 2006 | 348 Pág. | Cartone | LIBRO

Lírica medieval alemana con voz femenina (siglos XII-XIII)


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UNIVERSIDAD DE VALLADOLID | 9788484483984 | 2007 | 266 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Sagas islandesas de los tiempos antiguos


Contiene la siguientes sagas: Saga de Egil el Manco y Ásmund matador de berserkir, Saga de Gautrek, Saga de Ásmund matador de guerreros y Saga de Án el arquero....

EDICIONES MIRAGUANO | 9788478133161 | 2007 | 244 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Dels llibres de cavalleríes a Blasco Ibáñez


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Speculum al foder


L'"Speculum al foder"és un tractat de bones pràctiques sexuals que s'inscriu en la tradició dels regiments de sanitat, un gènere literari molt popular a l'Edat Mitjana. El text segueix de prop un ..

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EDICIONS VITEL.LA | 9788493529574 | 2007 | 137 Pág. | Rústica | catalán | LIBRO



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EDITORIAL LUIS REVENGA | 9788487607240 | 0 Pág. | LIBRO

The Cambridge companion to medieval french literature


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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780521679756 | 2008 | 275 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Crimes et châtiments dans la chanson de geste


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ÉDITIONS KLINCKSIECK | 9782252036693 | 2008 | 333 Pág. | Rústica | francés | LIBRO


  • De vulgari eloquentia

    De vulgari eloquentia

    Alighieri, Dante


  • Los cantares de Lanzarote o la destrucción de la Mesa Redonda

    Los cantares de Lanzarote o la destrucción de la Mesa Redonda

    Anónimo / Contreras Martín, Antonio


  • "Every valley shall be exalted": the discourse of opposites in...

    Brittain Bouchard, Constance



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