Mortdecai: Now a Major Film (Charlie Mortdecai 1)

Buonfiglioli, Kyril


Art dealer and seasoned epicurean Charlie Mortdecai comes into possession of a stolen Goya, the disappearance of which is causing a diplomatic ruction between Spain and its allies. Not that that matte..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241972670 | LIBRO

Lola Bensky

Brett, Lily


Londres 1967 : Lola Bensky, jeune journaliste pour le magazine australien Rock-Out, n'a que 19 ans quand elle se retrouve au coeur de la scène musicale la plus excitante du moment ! Sans diplôme mai..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | | 2014 | 271 Pág. | francés | LIBRO

The Diamond Age: or a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer

Stephenson, Neal


This is a new look for cult author Stephenson's unstoppable sci-fi classic, The future is small. The future is nano ...And who could be smaller or more insignificant than poor Little Nell - an orphan ..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241953198 | 2012 | 512 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

The Secret of Magic

Deborah G. Johnson


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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241968932 | 2014 | inglés | LIBRO

The Sense of Style: The Thinking Persons Guide to Writing in the 21st Century


Bad writing can't be blamed on the Internet, or on 'the kids today'. Good writing has always been hard: a performance requiring pretense, empathy, and a drive for coherence. In The Sense of Style, cog..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241180020 | LIBRO

World Order


Henry Kissinger is almost unique in contemporary politics in combining deep intellect with a remarkable record of practical statesmanship. His latest book is as magisterial as all his others ... its r..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241004265 | LIBRO

Start with Why

Sinek, Simon


One of the most useful and powerful books I have read in years. Simple and elegant, it shows us how leaders should lead (William Ury, co-author of Getting to Yes)A powerful and penetrating exploration..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241958223 | LIBRO

The David Foster Wallace Reader

Foster Wallace, David


The David Foster Wallace Reader is a selection of David Foster Wallace's work, introducing readers to his humour, kindness, sweeping intellect and versatility as a writer. A compilation from the one o..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241145463 | 2014 | 976 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Discontent and its Civilizations: Dispatches from Lahore, New York and London

Hamid, Mohsin


From the author of the novels Moth Smoke, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, here is an essential series of dispatches from the East, the West and the In Between. ..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241146316 | 2014 | 208 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

One Hundred Years of Solitude

García Márquez, Gabriel


Penguin's commemorative hardback reissue of One Hundred Years of Solitude, the classic work of magical realist fiction by late Nobel laureate and author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Gabriel Garcia Marquez ..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241971826 | 2014 | 432 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Little Failure


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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241971987 | LIBRO

How to be Good

Hornby, Nick


How to be Good is Nick Hornby's hilarious bestselling novel on life, love and charity. 'I am in a car park in Leeds when I tell my husband I don't want to be married to him any more...' London GP Kati..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241969915 | 2014 | 243 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO


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