How to be Good

Hornby, Nick


Nick Hornby's How To Be Good - part of the limited edition PENGUIN STREET ART series: timeless writing, enduring design.   'I am in a car park in Leeds when I tell my husband I don't want to be m..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241965474 | 2013 | 256 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

How to be good

Hornby, Nick


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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241950180 | LIBRO

How to be Good

Hornby, Nick


How to be Good is Nick Hornby's hilarious bestselling novel on life, love and charity. 'I am in a car park in Leeds when I tell my husband I don't want to be married to him any more...' London GP Kati..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241969915 | 2014 | 243 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

Hamid, Mohsin


'This book is a self-help book. Its objective, as it says on the cover, is to show you how to get filthy rich in rising Asia. And to do that it has to find you, huddled, shivering, on the packed earth..

HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241145906 | 2013 | 240 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

In Cold Blood

Capote, Truman


In Cold Blood: A True Account of a Multiple Murder and its Consequences is considered by many to be the first work of the true crime genre. In this groundbreaking book, Truman Capote reconstructs the ..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241956830 | 2012 | 352 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

In Evil Hour

García Márquez, Gabriel


In Evil Hour is the thrilling story of a Colombian society menaced by rumour and paranoia by the Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of the One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241968710 | 2014 | 192 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO


Chomsky, Noam


At a time when the United States exacts a greater and greater power over the rest of the world, America's leading voice of dissent needs to be heard more than ever. In over thirty timely, accessible a..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241143865 | 2007 | 234 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

Introducción a la programación informática


¿ Te interesan los videojuegos, la animación y las webs? ¿ Quieres aprender a crear tus propios programas informáticos? Introducción a la programación informática es exactamente lo que un progr..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241216613 | 2015 | Rústica | castellano | LIBRO

James and the Giant Peach (Paperback)

Dahl, Roald


An enormous escaped rhinoceros from London Zoo has eaten James's parents. And it gets worse! James is packed off to live with his two really horrible aunts, Sponge and Spiker. Poor James is miserable,..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241953303 | 2011 | 128 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO


Burroughs, William S.


'Junk is not, like alcohol or weed, a means to increased enjoyment of life. Junk is not a kick. It is a way of life' William Burroughs, legendary drug addict, founder member of the Beats and author ..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241956786 | 2012 | 144 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO


Holmes, Andrew


'There is no poetry or romance in war, it is brutal and ugly and terrifying and it turns men into animals - shrieking, screaming and running while destroying all in their path. It is survival' Visari,..

HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241954317 | 394 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Kiss Kiss

Dahl, Roald


Unnerving bedtime stories, subtle, proficient, hair-raising and done to a turn (San Francisco Chronicle)Roald Dahl is one of the few writers I know whose work can accurately be described as addictive ..

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HAMISH HAMILTON | 9780241955345 | 302 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO


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