Dark Matter And Dark Energy

Clegg, Brian


All the matter and light we can see in the universe makes up a trivial 5 per cent of everything. The rest is hidden. This could be the biggest puzzle that science has ever faced. Since the 1970s, astr..

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The Epigenetics Revolution: How Modern Biology is Rewriting Our Understanding of Genetics, Disease and Inheritance

Carey, Nessa


A book that would have had Darwin swooning - anyone seriously interested in who we are and how we function should read this.' Guardian At the beginning of this century enormous progress had been made ..

ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781848313477 | 2019 | 340 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

The six secrets of intelligence: why your education failed to teach you

Adams, Craig


Some people have something to say in any conversation and can spot the hidden angles of completely unrelated problems; but how do they do it? So many books, apps, courses, and schools compete for our..

ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781785784828 | 2019 | 320 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Dear Fahrenheit 451

Spence, Annie


A librarian's laugh-out-loud funny, deeply moving collection of love letters and break-up notes to the books in her life.Have you ever wished you could tell your favourite books just what they mean to..

ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781785784477 | 2019 | 256 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Astrobiology. The search for life elsewere in the Universe

Evans, Rhodri


Are we alone in the Universe, or are there as many planets supporting life as there are stars in the sky? It's one of the most important and fascinating questions human beings can ponder, and astrobio..

ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781785783425 | 2019 | 168 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

The graphene revolution. The weird science of the ultra-thin

Clegg, Brian


In 2003, Russian physicists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov found a way to produce graphene - the thinnest substance in the world - by using sticky tape to separate an atom-thick layer from a bloc..

ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781785783760 | 2018 | 164 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

30-Second Astronomy: The 50 Most Mindblowing Discoveries in Astronomy, Each Explained in Half a Minute

Fressin, François


How hot is Venus? Can you distinguish between a pulsar and a quasar? Is there a universe or a multiverse? Where do we fit into the infinitely grand scheme of things? How do we map the Cosmic Microwave..

ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781848315976 | 2013 | 160 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

Introducing Chaos (A Graphic Guide)

Sardar, Ziauddin / Abrams, Iwona


“Introducing Chaos” explains how chaos makes its presence felt in many varieties of event, from the fluctuation of animal populations to the ups and downs of the stock market. It also examines the..

ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781848310131 | 2008 | 176 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

The Horologicon: A Day's Jaunt Through the Lost Words of the English Language

Forsyth, Mark


The Horologicon (or book of hours) gives you the most extraordinary words in the English language, arranged according to the hour of the day when you really need them. Do you wake up feeling rough? Th..

ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781848314153 | 2012 | 272 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Artificial Intelligence: Modern Magic or Dangerous Future?

Wilks, Yorick


Artificial intelligence has long been a mainstay of science fiction and increasingly it feels as if AI is entering our everyday lives, with technology like Apple's Siri now prominent, and self-driving..

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ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781785785160 | 2019 | 176 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

More Than Happiness: Buddhist and Stoic Wisdom for a Sceptical Age

Macaro, Antonia


An inspiring, critical and practical look at what we can learn from ancient wisdom.Do you consider yourself stoical? Do a bit of meditation or mindfulness practice? Buddhism and Stoicism have a lot to..

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ICON BOOKS LTD | 9781785784460 | 2019 | 224 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Quantum Economics

McGregor, Richard


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ICON BOOKS LTD | 2018 | inglés | LIBRO


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