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Adverbs and adjectives. Syntax, semantics and discourse

Kennedy, Christopher / McNally, Louise


In this volume leading researchers present new work on the semantics and pragmatics of adjectives and adverbs, and their interfaces with syntax. Its concerns include the semantics of gradability; the ..

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780199211623 | 2008 | 354 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

Compendio y ejercicios de semántica II

del Teso Martín, Enrique


Este libro es un tratado sobre semántica combinatoria o componencial. Lo que se trata aquí son los temas de semántica que aparecen cuando consideramos las estructuras complejas originadas de la com..

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ARCO LIBROS | 9788476356685 | 2007 | 94 Pág. | Rústica | castellano | LIBRO

El significado literal

Recanati, François


¿Qué es pragmático y qué es estrictamente semántico? El debate actúal sobre esta pregunta retoma aspectos del que tuvo lugar entre los filósofos que crearon la semántica formal y los llamados ..

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ANTONIO MACHADO LIBROS S.A. | 9788477748922 | 2006 | 223 Pág. | Rústica | castellano | LIBRO

Binding theory

Büring, Daniel


Binding theory seeks to explain how different kinds of nominal expressions such as names, noun phrases and pronouns have anaphoric relations amongst one another, and how they come to have reference to..

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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780521012225 | 2005 | 281 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

Information Structure: The Syntax-Discourse Interface

Erteschik-Shir, Nomi


áExamines the relation between syntax and intonation in discourse Evaluates theories of information structure Relates information structure models to language acquisition language va..

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780199262595 | 2007 | 246 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

The Semantics of the Future

Copley, Bridget


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ROUTLEDGE | 9780415971164 | LIBRO

Semantics: An Introductory Workbook

Gregory, Howard


Semantics is an accessible and practical introduction to formal semantics, the study of linguistic meaning, for students new to the subject. Semantics: * shows how meanings are built up and interrelat..

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ROUTLEDGE | 9780415216104 | 2000 | 92 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

A Semantic Approach to English Grammar

Dixon, Robert M.W.


This book shows how grammar helps people communicate and looks at the ways grammar and meaning interrelate. The author starts from the notion that a speaker codes a meaning into grammatical forms whic..

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780199247400 | 2005 | 543 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

Non-descriptive meaning and reference: an ideational semantics

Davis, Wayne A.


Wayne Davis presents a highly original approach to the foundations of semantics, showing how the so-called "expression" theory of meaning can handle names and other problematic cases of nondescriptive..

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780199261659 | 2005 | 437 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

Insensitive Semantics. A Defense of Semantic Minimalism and Speech Act Pluralism

Lepore, Ernie / Cappelen, Herman


Intensive semantics is a book about this debate, investigating the effects of context on communicative interaction and, as a corollary, what a context of utterance is and whatit is to be in one.....

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BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS LTD. | 9781405126755 | 2005 | 219 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

The Logic of Conventional Implicatures

Potts, Christopher


This book revives the study of conventional implicatures in natural language semantics. Since H. Paul Grice first defined the concept, his definition has seen much use and many redefinitions, but it h..

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780199273836 | 2005 | 246 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

Semantics: A reader

Gillon, Brendan S. / Davis, Steven


Semantics: A Reader contains a broad selection of classic articles on semantics and the semantics/pragmatics interface. Comprehensive in the variety and breadth of theoretical frameworks and topics th..

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780195136982 | 2005 | 921 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO


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