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Bugs Bugs Bugs (Arabic)

Barner, Bob


Grade Level P and up Pretty ladybugs, fluttering butterflies, creepy daddy longlegs, and roly-poly bugs are some of the familiar creatures featured in this whimsically illustrated insect album. Comple..

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SCHOLASTIC USA | 9781338267709 | 2018 | 32 Pág. | Paperback | árabe | LIBRO

Alone Together (Arabic)


Sometimes Bear likes quiet time by himself. But his friend Fox has a very different idea of what quiet means.Technology has become the architect of our intimacies. Online, we fall prey to the illusion..

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SCHOLASTIC USA | 9781338267754 | 2018 | 36 Pág. | Paperback | árabe | LIBRO

Love, Death, and Exile: Poems Translated from Arabic: Bilingual Edition

Wahab Al-bayati, Abdul


[Frangieh] has constructed a beautiful and worthy portal for his powerful and accurate portrayal of Al-Bayati the poet through his own words. Al-Bayati's importance as a poet and a voice of modern Ara..

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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9781589010048 | 2004 | 328 Pág. | Rústica | Árabe, Inglés | LIBRO

Arabic as One Language: Integrating Dialect in the Arabic Language Curriculum

Al-Batal, Mahmaoud


Arabic is a diglossic language: What is written is different from what is spoken. For decades, students have learned written Arabic first and then spoken but this does not reflect the sociolinguistic ..

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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9781626165045 | 2018 | 352 Pág. | Rústica | Árabe, Inglés | LIBRO

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? In Arabic and English: 1


DUAL LANGUAGE BOOK IN ARABIC AND ENGLISH Synopsis: Exuberantly coloured artwork and favourite animals make this rhythmic story the perfect introduction to looking and learning about colours."The gentl..

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9781844441167 | 32 Pág. | LIBRO

A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible


John J. Collins's A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible has become a popular option for college and seminary classrooms. The third edition is presented in a new and engaging format with new maps an..

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FORTRESS PRESS | 9781506445991 | 2018 | 376 Pág. | Rústica | hebreo | LIBRO

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Collins, John J.


John J. Collins's Introduction to the Hebrew Bible is one of the most reliable and widely adopted critical textbooks at undergraduate and graduate levels alike, and for good reason. Enriched by decade..

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FORTRESS PRESS | 9781506445984 | 2018 | 622 Pág. | Rústica | hebreo | LIBRO

Essential Skills in Arabic


How to improve your reading, listening and communication skills in ArabicDo you want to build on your Arabic reading, writing and listening skills? Improve your ability to communicate in this language..

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9781474401500 | 2018 | 296 Pág. | LIBRO

Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar

Kelley, Page H.


Comprehensive in scope, this carefully crafted introductory grammar of Biblical Hebrew offers easy-to-understand explanations, numerous biblical illustrations, and a wide range of imaginative, biblica..

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WILLIAM B. EERDMANS PUBLISHING COMPANY | 9780802874917 | 2018 | 460 Pág. | LIBRO

Hebrew with Ease (Superpack) Con 4 CD Audio. Con CD Audio formato MP3


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ASSIMIL | 9782700580600 | 2015 | 804 Pág. | Paperback | hebreo | PACK

The Complexities of Learning Arabic in the 21st Century


"This text is an excellent addition to the field of Arabic education. Here is an admirable overview of the history of Arabic, the different approaches to language learning, a survey of some of the mos..

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PETER LANG | 9781433157332 | 2018 | 216 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Colloquial Hebrew (Colloquial Series)

Lyttleton, Zippi


Colloquial Hebrew provides a step-by-step course in Hebrew as it is written and spoken today. Combining a user-friendly approach with a thorough treatment of the language, it equips learners with the ..

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ROUTLEDGE | 9781138949713 | 2015 | 400 Pág. | LIBRO

Advanced Arabic Literary Reader: For Students of Modern Standard Arabic


Advanced Arabic Literary Reader is a truly representative collection of literary extracts from across the Arabic-speaking world. Extracts from each country in the Arab world have been carefully select..

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ROUTLEDGE | 9781138828698 | 2015 | 404 Pág. | LIBRO

The Routledge Introductory Course in Moroccan Arabic


The Routledge Introductory Course in Moroccan Arabic is ideal for both class-based and independent learners. No prior knowledge of Arabic is required as the course guides you step-by-step through the..

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ROUTLEDGE | 9781138104679 | 2017 | 594 Pág. | LIBRO

La Bonne Purée - bilingue arabe (Les bilingues)


Karim n?aime rien, walou, sa maman lui prépare des petits plats mais il n?est jamais content. Gare à lui !Après Mahboul le Sage, voici un nouveau récit en arabe classique dans la collection« Les ..

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DIDIER | 9782278084555 | 24 Pág. | LIBRO

Stories from One Thousand and One Nights: For Intermediate and Advanced Students of Arabic

Bualuan, Ghada


Specially designed for students of Arabic, this textbook presents a selection of authentic Arabian Night stories in simplified language providing learners of Modern Standard Arabic access to this clas..

Disponibilidad Normal 7 días
ROUTLEDGE | 9781138948228 | 2018 | 150 Pág. | Rústica | Árabe, Inglés | LIBRO

15 Minute Arabic (15 Minute Language)



The perfect book for anyone who wants to learn Arabic fast. and on-the-go with with a free downloadable audio app for Apple and Android phones, enabling learners to hear words and phrases spoken by na..

Disponibilidad Normal 7 días
ALLEN LANE | 9780241327357 | 2018 | 160 Pág. | Paperback | Árabe, Inglés | LIBRO

Der Regenbogenfisch. Kinderbuch Deutsch-Arabisch: mit MP3-Hörbuch zum Herunterladen

Pfister, Marcus


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HUEBER VERLAG | 9783191495985 | 32 Pág. | Tapa dura | árabe | LIBRO

A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar: Second Edition (Biblical Languages Hebrew)

Christo H. J. Van Der Merwe Jackie Naude


This new and fully revised edition of the A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar serves as a user-friendly and up-to-date source of information on the morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics of Bib..

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BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING | 9780567663337 | 2017 | 640 Pág. | LIBRO

Guía de Conversación Español-Hebreo


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9980000008088 | LIBRO

Guide de conversation Hebreu


Pratique et facile d'utilisation : des sections en couleurs et un découpage thématique lié au voyage (orientation, transports, à table...) permettent de trouver la bonne expression au bon moment. ..

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LONELY PLANET | 9782816163742 | 2017 | LIBRO

L'hébreu pour les nuls (Les cahiers d'écriture pour les Nuls)

Avigail Ohali


Le cahier d'écriture L'hébreu pour les Nuls accompagnera les lecteurs apprenant l'hébreu dans leur apprentissage et leur maîtrise de l'alphabet hébreu et notamment dans l'écriture des différent..

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9782412022429 | 64 Pág. | francés | LIBRO

Lire l'hébreu - Méthode d'initiation à la lecture et à l'écriture de l'hébreu


Contrairement aux idées reçues, l'hébreu n'est ni une langue obscure, ni une langue difficile à apprendre, mais nombre de personnes le parlant couramment pour les besoins de la vie quotidienne, on..

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ELLIPSES/ÉDITION MARKETING | 9782729822071 | 116 Pág. | Rústica | hebreo | LIBRO

Mi vida en el planeta Marte (versión vocalizada)Arabe


Este libro de lectura está destinado a estudiantes de lengua árabe que hayan alcanzado, como mínimo, un nivel A1 del Marco Europeo Común de las Lenguas.   Consta de cinco capítulos interconect..

Disponibilidad Normal 7 días
ALBUJAYRA | 9788416314089 | LIBRO


  • Circulo del Hogar judío (3 Tomos - Texto en Hebreo)

    Circulo del Hogar judío (3 Tomos - Texto en Hebreo)


  • Gan Gurim/ El jardín de los animalitos

    Gan Gurim/ El jardín de los animalitos



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