The Best democracy money can buy : an investigative reporter exposes the truth about globalization, corporate cons, and high finance fraudsters

Palast, Greg


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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745318462 | 2002 | 211 Pág. | Tela | inglés | LIBRO

Conservatism: Burke, Nozick, Bush, Blair?

Honderich, Ted


In a new edition of this text whose wit does not conceal its serious intent, Britain's pre-eminent progressive political philosopher explores the distinctions of conservatism, seeking the fundamental ..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745321295 | 2005 | 334 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Conjuring Hitler: how Britain and America made the Third Reich

Preparata, Guido G.


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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745321813 | 2005 | 311 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Marx's "Eighteenth Brumaire": (Post) modern interpretations


* Marx's original text Marx's account of the rise of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte is one of his most important texts. Written after the defeat of the 1848 revolution in France and Bonaparte's subsequent c..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745318301 | 2002 | 267 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

World development (An introduction)

Panayiotopoulos, P./Capps, G.


Do the structures of the world economy invariably work against theinterests of the Third World? What is the impact of industrialization? How does it affect people and their livelihoods, gender relatio..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745314020 | 2001 | 289 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

Philosophizing everyday life: revolutionary praxis and the fate of cultural theory

Roberts, John


After modernism and postmodernism, it is argued, the everyday supposedly is where a democracy of taste is brought into being - the place where art goes to recover its customary and collective pleasure..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745324104 | 2006 | 147 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Anglo-american oil politics


"William Engdahl takes the reader through a history of the oil industry's grip on the world economy. His revelations are startling. Moving from the post-World War I period up to the present day, he sh..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745323091 | LIBRO

Power and its disguises (Anthropological perspectives on politics)

Gledhill, John


Arguing that an anthropology that confronts the politics of academic knowledge can transcend its colonial origins to challenge enthnocentrism, Power and Its Disguises explores both the complexities of..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745316857 | 2000 | 272 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Searching for peace (The road to trascend)

Galtung, J./Jacobsen, Carl G.


This new, updated and extensively revised edition of "Searching for Peace" is one of the first books to bridge the gap between peace and conflict studies, world order and globalization. Revealing deep..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745316130 | Rústica | LIBRO

Land, law and environment (Mythical land, legal boundaries)

Abramson, A./Theodossopoulos,D


Anthropologists have traditionally viewed land as a resource, emphasizing its ecological setting, its technical transformation, and legal appropriation. Recent trends in landscape studies, however, ha..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745315706 | 2000 | 224 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

The Bakhtin circle : philosophy, culture and politics

Brandist, Craig


Mikhail Bakhtin and the group of thinkers known as the Bakhtin Circle have had a massive influence on contemporary literary and cultural theory. Bakhtin is recognized as perhaps the key theorist on th..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745318103 | 2002 | 221 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

The Squatters' Movement in Europe. Commons and Autonomy as Alternatives to Capitalism

Squatting Europe Kollective / Cattaneo, Claudio / Martínez López, Miguel A.


The Squatters' Movement in Europe is the first definitive guide to squatting as an alternative to capitalism. It offers a unique insider's view on the movement – its ideals, actions and ways of lif..

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PLUTO PRESS | 9780745333953 | 2014 | 288 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO


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