'Por Que? 101 Questions About Spanish


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Judy Hochberg
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[T]hose who find language learning nightmarish may well be beguiled ... [T]he book treats queries on matters such as Latin's metamorphosis into Spanish, the famous n ... and, yes, the plaintive cry - to which Hochberg's reply is supremely reassuring - "is it too late for me to learn Spanish?" Times Higher Education A masterclass in linguistic exposition - a hugely illuminating blend of historical explanation and present-day world-wide usage. English readers will especially appreciate the clarifying glosses and analogies. All languages need introductions like this one. -- David Crystal, Honorary Professor of Linguistics, University of Bangor, UK 'Por que? is valuable even for skilled Spanish speakers. It will help us to know much more and to be proud of our language. El Diario [Bloomsbury translation] An engaging, fun, and authoritative tour through the history and structure of the Spanish language. This book will delight anyone with a passing or even a serious interest in Spanish. -- Michael Weiss, Professor of Linguistics, Cornell University, USA This book presents questions and answers in a popular idiom which is engaging for students and general readers alike, but its answers are authoritative and reliable, and its further reading recommendations are judicious. Reading the book from cover to cover will in itself provide a good overview of Spanish linguistics and elucidate a number of questions concerning Spanish usage, including many which people often ask but which are rarely answered in academic textbooks. -- Christopher J. Pountain, Emeritus Professor of Spanish Linguistics, Queen Mary, University of London, UK Concise and elegant, yet thorough and well-informed, this treasure of a book by an experienced scholar and teacher will provide students, instructors, and the general public alike with a wonderfully readable set of introductory answers to the questions that lovers of Spanish worldwide have always wondered about. -- Ricardo Otheguy, Professor of Linguistics, City University of New York, USA This tour de force will be tremendously engaging and enjoyable for everyone interested in the structure of Spanish. It will appeal to both linguists and laypeople alike, and would be an excellent choice for introductory-level Hispanic Linguistics courses. With her elegant writing style, Hochberg succeeds at making a vast amount of well-researched information highly accessible and genuinely entertaining. -- Naomi Lapidus Shin, Associate Professor in Hispanic Linguistics, University of New Mexico, USA

'Por que? 101 Questions about Spanish is for anyone who wants to understand how Spanish really works. Standard textbooks and grammars describe the "what" of Spanish - its vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and pronunciation - but 'Por que? explains the "why". Judy Hochberg draws on linguistic principles, Hispanic culture, and language history to answer questions such as: Why are so many Spanish verbs irregular? - Why does Spanish have different ways to say "you"? - Why is h silent? - Why doesn't Spanish use apostrophes? - Why does Castilian Spanish have the th sound? Packed with information, guidance, and links to further research, 'Por que? is an accessible study guide that is suitable for Spanish students, instructors, native speakers, and the general reader. It is a valuable supplementary text for serious students of Spanish at all levels, from beginning to advanced. 'Por que? also covers topics usually left to specialized books, including the evolution of Spanish, how children and adults learn Spanish, and the status of languages that co-exist with Spanish, from Catalan to Spanish sign language to the indigenous languages of Latin America.

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