The 48 Laws of Power


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Tales from the Dead of Night: Thirteen Classic Ghost Stories: Twelve Classic Ghost Stories

Gayford, Cecily


Settle down by the fireside, tuck yourself up in bed - just try not to think about what's lurking just out of sight. From a beautiful antique that gives its owner a show he'd rather forget, to 'ghost ..

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The Lives Of Animals

Coetzee, J.M.


Elizabeth Costello, a distinguished novelist, has been invited to the United States to give a university lecture on animal rights, a subject which has come to obsess her. Her son, his wife and his uni..

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The perfect heresy (The life and death of the cathars)

O´Shea, Stephen


At the beginning of the thirteenth century, the Cathars, a group of heretical Christians, rose toprominence in what is now the Languedoc in southern France, but was then a patchwork of city-states and..

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The Origins of Political Order

Fukuyama, Francis


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Catching fire: how cocking made us humans

Wrangham, Richard


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Like A Fading Shadow

Muñoz Molina, Antonio


Antonio Muñoz Molina is a true original and has written a book unlike anything else: part fiction, part memoir, part meditation, in which the interiority of a murderer on the run - and not just any m..

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Intellectual impostures

Sokal, Alan


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Nineteen Eighty Three (Red Riding Quartet,4)

Peace, David


"Nineteen Eighty Three's" three intertwining story lines see the "Quartet's" central themes of corruption and the perversion of justice come to a head as BJ, the rent boy from "Nineteen Seventy Four",..

PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781846687082 | 2008 | 416 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

The Essex Serpent

Perry, Sarah


SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2016 COSTA NOVEL AWARD SHORTLISTED FOR THE WATERSTONES BOOK OF THE YEAR 2016 London 1893. When Cora Seaborne's controlling husband dies, she steps into her new life as a widow with..

PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781781255452 | 2017 | 432 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Murder In Midsummer



It's the middle of summer. On Cornish sea-fronts, happy children grip melting ice-creams. In the south of France, sunlight filters through leaves as families picnic in the shade. And in the fashionabl..

PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781788161534 | 2019 | inglés | LIBRO

The Last Patriarch

El Hachmi, Najat


This is a riveting debut novel of fathers and daughters, and the conflict between duty and desire, set in rural Morocco and urban Catalunya. "The Last Patriarch" is narrated by the daughter of Mimoun ..

PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781846687174 | 2010 | 310 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO


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