An Instinct for Truth: Curiosity and the Moral Character of Science

Pennock, Robert T.


An exploration of the scientific mindset?such character virtues as curiosity, veracity, attentiveness, and humility to evidence?and its importance for science, democracy, and human flourishing.Exempla..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262042581 | 2019 | 448 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO


Gertz, Nolen


An examination of the meaning of meaninglessness: why it matters that nothing matters.When someone is labeled a nihilist, it's not usually meant as a compliment. Most of us associate nihilism with des..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262537179 | 2019 | 224 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

A Brain for Numbers: The Biology of the Number Instinct

Nieder, Andreas


How our intuitive understanding of numbers is deeply rooted in our biology, traceable through both evolution and development.Humans' understanding of numbers is intuitive. Infants are able to estimate..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262042789 | 2019 | 392 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

The Feeling of Life Itself: Why Consciousness Is Widespread but Can't Be Computed

Koch, Christof


An argument that consciousness, more widespread than previously assumed, is the feeling of being alive, not a type of computation or a clever hack.In "The Feeling of Life Itself", Christof Koch offers..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262042819 | 2019 | 280 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

The Artist in the Machine: The World of AI-Powered Creativity

Miller, Arthur I.


An authority on creativity introduces us to AI-powered computers that are creating art, literature, and music that may well surpass the creations of humans.Today's computers are composing music that s..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262042857 | 2019 | 432 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

On the Brink of Paradox: Highlights from the Intersection of Philosophy and Mathematics

Rayo, Agustín


An introduction to awe-inspiring ideas at the brink of paradox: infinities of different sizes, time travel, probability and measure theory, and computability theory.This book introduces the reader to ..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262039413 | 2019 | 320 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

The Spider's Thread: Metaphor in Mind, Brain, and Poetry

Holyoak, Keith J.


An examination of metaphor in poetry as a microcosm of the human imagination?a way to understand the mechanisms of creativity.In The Spider's Thread, Keith Holyoak looks at metaphor as a microcosm of..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262039222 | 2019 | 288 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

The Evolution of the Sensitive Soul: Learning and the Origins of Consciousness

Ginsburg, Simona / Jablonka, Eva


A new theory about the origins of consciousness that finds learning to be the driving force in the evolutionary transition to basic consciousness.What marked the evolutionary transition from organisms..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262039307 | 2019 | 640 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

Actual Causality

Halpern, Joseph Y.


A new approach for defining causality and such related notions as degree of responsibility, degrees of blame, and causal explanation.Causality plays a central role in the way people structure the worl..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262537131 | 2019 | 240 Pág. | Paperback | LIBRO

Against Nature

Daston, Lorraine


A pithy work of philosophical anthropology that explores why humans find moral orders in natural orders.Why have human beings, in many different cultures and epochs, looked to nature as a source of no..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262537339 | 2019 | 104 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Computational Thinking

Denning, Peter J. / Tedre, Matti


An introduction to computational thinking that traces a genealogy beginning centuries before the digital computer.A few decades into the digital era, scientists discovered that thinking in terms of co..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262536561 | 2019 | 272 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

How to Be Human in the Digital Economy

Agar, Nicholas


An argument in favor of finding a place for humans (and humanness) in the future digital economy.In the digital economy, accountants, baristas, and cashiers can be automated out of employment; so can ..

THE MIT PRESS | 9780262038744 | 2019 | 232 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO


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