The new cognitive neurosciences (Second edition)


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Modeled on the classic Neuroscience Study Program volumes which helped define an evolving field, The Cognitive Neurosciences is a major new reference that documents and defines the emerging field of cognitive neuroscience. The ninety-two original contributions provide comprehensive coverage - from the molecular level right up to human conscious experience - of one of the most interesting areas of modern science, namely the relationship between the structural and physiological mechanisms of the brain/nervous system and the psychological reality of mind.

Sections and section editors:

  • Molecular and Cellular Plasticity, Ira Black.
  • Neural and Psychological Development, Pasko Rakic.
  • Sensory Systems, Colin Blakemore and J. Anthony Movshon.
  • Strategies and Planning: Motor Systems, Emilio Bizzi.
  • Attention, Michael Posner. Memory, Endel Tulving.
  • Language, Steven Pinker.
  • Thought and Imagery, Stephen M. Kosslyn.
  • Emotion, Joseph E. LeDoux.
  • Evolutionary Perspectives, Leda Cosmides and John Tooby.
  • Consciousness, Daniel L. Schacter.

"An extremely valuable handbook. Not only is its scope adequate to the challenge of this rapidly growing young discipline, but the focus is clear: intelligible, up-to-date theories of mental processes are grounded in the latest findings of the brain sciences. The integration provided in this handbook lays a foundation for the next generation of cognitive neuroscientists."
-- George A. Miller, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Princeton University.

"The Cognitive Neurosciences" is a wonderfully comprehensive and up-to-date collection of authoritative articles. I strongly recommend it to anyone who hopes to keep abreast with this fast-moving area of scientific enquiry--relating the brain and mind."
-- Sir Roger Penrose, FRS, Rouse Ball, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford.

"At last--a source book in Cognitive Neuroscience for our students! And for ourselves! This much needed book contains a thoughtful selection of reviews from all areas relevant to current research. [...] Michael Gazzaniga and his colleagues should be congratulated for an outstanding job."
-- Eric R. Kandel, M.D. University Professor, Center for Neurobiology, Columbia University

A Bradford Book

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