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A workbook to help adult learners of English to improve their handwriting.

Work on your Handwriting will help students to improve their handwriting in English. This workbook is suitable for EFL/ESL students of all levels whose studies require longhand writing, such as those preparing for the IELTS exams. It is ideal both for use in the classroom and for self-study or academic study.

The page-by-page layout with write-in exercises gives students practice of letter, word and sentence formation. It also offers practical guidance and practice to help students to improve their punctuation. Work on your Handwriting is particularly suitable for adult learners of English whose native language has a non-Roman alphabet, such as Arabic or Mandarin.

Key features:
? Letter formation examples and practice, including practice joining up different combinations of letters
? Joined up writing examples and practice for forming words using continuous text
? General uppercase and lowercase print examples and practice
? Practice using correct spacing for letters within words
? Sentence and short paragraph writing practice, with focus on spacing of words within a sentence
? Error correction exercises where students pinpoint what is wrong in a text
? Punctuation guidance and practice

Poor handwriting in English can cause lower grades in written tests such as IELTS and misunderstandings in important situations like applying for a visa.

Collins Work on your Handwriting will help you improve your handwriting in English, especially if your home language does not have the same alphabet.

It is suitable for all language levels.

The clear layout and presentation gives plenty of space for you to practise your handwriting in the book.

You will learn how to:

? Form letters, including practising joining up letters to improve your writing speed
? Use correct spacing for letters within words and between words
? Write full sentences and short paragraphs with correct layout and punctuation
? Spot mistakes in written English to help you improve your own work

Jenny Siklos has worked for many years in both publishing and teaching. She has taught ESL to teenagers and adults in both the UK and the US, and currently teaches at the Madison English as a Second Language School in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Having watched many adult students struggle with handwriting improvement, she has a keen interest in helping students improve handwriting through fun and engaging activities.

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