Making Sense. The Glamorous Story of English Grammar.

Crystal, David


David Crystal explains grammar's rules and irregularities, shows how to navigate its snares and pitfalls, and explores its history and varieties. He gives practical guidance on how grammar may be used..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781781256015 | 2017 | LIBRO

I Love Dick

Kraus, Chris


When Chris Kraus, an unsuccessful artist pushing 40, spends an evening with a rogue academic named Dick, she falls madly and inexplicably in love, enlisting her husband in her haunted pursuit. Dick pr..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781781256480 | 2016 | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

War & War

Krasznahorkai, László


Winner of the 2015 Man Booker International Prize War & War begins at a point of danger: on a dark train platform Korim is on the verge of being attacked and robbed by thuggish teenagers. From here, ..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781781256237 | 2016 | inglés | LIBRO

The Melancholy of Resistance

Krasznahorkai, László


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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781781256244 | 2016 | inglés | LIBRO

Seiobo There Below

Krasznahorkai, László


In Seiobo There Below we see the Japanese goddess Seiobo returning to mortal realms in search of perfection. An ancient Buddha being restored; the Italian renaissance painter Perugino managing his w..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781781255117 | 2016 | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

iNo Pasaran! Writings from the Spanish Civil War

Ayrton, Pete


International writing from the Spanish Civil War, from both behind and at the front line. Hope, resignation, despair, sadness, humour, confusion, ruthlessness, compassion, kindness, generosity and lov..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781846689970 | 2016 | 448 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

The Lady in the Van

Bennett, Alan


For fifteen years, the recalcitrant Miss Shepherd lived in her broken-down van on Alan Bennett's driveway in Camden. Deeply eccentric and stubborn to her bones, Miss Shepherd was not an easy tenant. B..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781781255407 | 2015 | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

The Language of Science from the Fall of Latin to the Rise of English

Gordin, Michael


Insightful, engaging and based on superb scholarship, lightly worn (Mark Viney New Scientist)Erudite and engaging (Nature)He has hit on a marvellous idea and executed it with panache and laconic humou..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781781251140 | 2015 | 432 Pág. | Tela | inglés | LIBRO

Catching fire: how cocking made us humans

Wrangham, Richard


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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781846682865 | LIBRO

The Walk

Walser, Robert


Ranging from one-page fantasies to novella-length studies of everyday existence, The Walk reveals the irresistible genius of one of the twentieth century's greatest writers. Under-appreciated even in ..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781846689581 | 2015 | 224 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

Leonora: A Novel (Inspired by the Life of Leonora Carrington)

Poniatowska, Elena


Born in Lancashire as the wealthy heiress to her British father's textiles empire, Leonora Carrington was destined to live the kind of life only known by the moneyed classes. But even from a young age..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781846688553 | 2015 | 464 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

No Man's Land


Splendid ... the war, in all its calculated cruelty, its human impact, its formidable weapons of death and destruction and - yes - its futility, is captured brilliantly in this remarkable, wide-rangin..

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PROFILE BOOKS LTD | 9781846689260 | LIBRO


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