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A concise dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

Beale, Paul


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ROUTLEDGE | 9780415063524 | Rústica | LIBRO

NTC's multilingual dictionary of american sign language

Proctor, Claude O.


NTC's Multilingual Dictionary of American Sign Language provides the essential vocabulary for communicating with speakers of other languages through American Sign Language. The 2,500 carefully chosen ..

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NATIONAL TEXTBOOK COMPANY | 9780844207322 | 1996 | 767 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Cassell's dictionary of slang

Green, Jonathan


Irreverent, colorful, sometimes offensive, and always evolving: slang reveals just how alive and vivid language can be, with new phrases coined every single day. This magnificently researched new surv..

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BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING | 9780304351671 | 2000 | 1316 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO

Diccionario castellano e inglés de argot y lenguaje informal - An english and spanish dictionary of Slang and unconventional language

Carbonell Basset, Delfín


Edición bilingüe Castellano-Inglés....

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EDICIONES DEL SERBAL, S.A. | 9788476282113 | 1997 | 828 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

American English Vocabulary in Use High-Intermediate with key


Vocabulary in Use High Intermediate is a reference and practice book for sutdents of North America English at the high intermediate level. Each unit is on two pages. The left-hand page teaches an impo..

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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780521123860 | 2010 | 269 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

The Concise New Partridge A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

Tom DalzellTerry Victor


"The Concise New Partridge" presents, for the first time, all the slang terms from "The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English" in a single volume. With over 60,000 entries from ..

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ROUTLEDGE | 9780415212595 | 2008 | 760 Pág. | Tela | inglés | LIBRO

American English.History, Structure, and Usage

Amberg, Julie


This lively introduction to the study of language explores American English and its place within contemporary society, highlighting the role of language in our daily lives. Beginning with a definition..

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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780521617888 | 223 Pág. | Paperback | inglés | LIBRO

The Oxford dictionary of Slang



The ideal reference for those interested in the more quirky and unofficial words used in English. Each area of life and each aspect of the world that generates slang is explored in turn. Including sur..

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS | 9780198631576 | 1998 | 473 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

The Slang of Sin

Dalzell, Sally


Presentamos una visión de conjunto, de la evolución interna de Cuba y de la política metropolitana en relación con la colonia, que provocó la insurrección armada y el nacimiento de un sentimient..

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MERRIAM WEBSTER | 9780877796275 | 0 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Dictionary of american English. Your complete guiode to american Engli



The world's leading dictionary for learners and teachers of American English has been completely updated using Longman's unique, comprehensive database of spoken and written English.....

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BOSCH EDITORIAL, S.A. | 9780801318238 | 1997 | 934 Pág. | Rústica | LIBRO

Diccionario de inglés-americano

Torrents dels prats, Alfonso


EDITORIAL JUVENTUD, S.A. | 9788426119483 | 1983 | 336 Pág. | Tela | LIBRO

English Slang. Inglés - Español

Hill, Dorothy / Hill, Guy / Merino Bustamante, José


What is slang? You are in a London pub and overhear this exchange between the barman and a customer: "There you go, squire" -"Cheers, mate". That is slang: very informal words and phrases used normall..

EDITORIAL ANGLO-DIDACTICA | 9788486623746 | 1997 | 248 Pág. | Rústica | inglés | LIBRO


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