Dinosaur Bingo (Board Games)


Play bingo with a huge Giganotosaurus, a Pachycephalosaurus with its crash-helmet head, an armour-plated Stegosaurus, and many other fearsome dinosaurs-some familiar and some rather unusual-in this fu..

LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786272416 | 2018 | 48 Pág. | LIBRO

Noisy Animals : What do the animals say ?

Oikawa, Kenji


Does a duck roar ? Does a dog hiss ? In this box you will find 25 animals and birds, and 25 cards show ing the sounds they make. Match them up so the duck can quack and the lion can roar again ! Have ..

LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786272423 | 2018 | 50 Pág. | LIBRO

Ocean Bingo

Exley, Holly


This family-friendly game is packed with ocean creatures for hours of bingo fun. Includes such favorites as the emperor penguin, sea otter, killer whale, and Pacific seahorse as well as lesser known s..

LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786272515 | inglés | LIBRO

Find My Rocket

Artymowska, Aleksandra


This little boy's super speedy rocket is on the loose and he needs your help to catch it! It's zooming through the playroom, messing up the toolbox, ruining the racetrack and toppling all the teddies ..

LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786273338 | inglés | LIBRO

Charles Darwin. Little Guide To Great Lives

Green, Dan


Charles Darwin's ideas about evolution caused both outrage and wonder, and quickly made him one of the most famous men in history. From his five-year voyage across the high seas to 20 years of researc..

LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786272942 | 2018 | 64 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

A Cat's Guide To The Night Sky

Atkinson, Stuart


If you look up at the sky on a dark night, what do you see? There's a whole universe staring back at you. In the company of Felicity the cat discover the phases of the moon, the constellations and how..

LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786270726 | 2018 | 64 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

A Year In Nature. A Carousel Book of the Seasons

Maskell, Hazel


A Year in Nature is a beautiful, unique introduction to the seasons. The book opens out into a stunning four-part carousel, revealing intricately detailed pop-up scenes of spring, summer, autumn and w..

Disponibilidad Normal 7 días
LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786273055 | 2018 | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

The First Time

Everitt, Matt


Disponibilidad Normal 7 días
LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786272980 | 2018 | inglés | LIBRO

Sartorial. The Art of Looking Like an Artist

Pantelides, Katerina


Disponibilidad Normal 7 días
LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786273154 | 2018 | LIBRO

The Illustration Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters

Heller, Steven


Disponibilidad Normal 7 días
LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786273253 | 2018 | inglés | LIBRO

TTT: Tattoo

Schonberger, Nick / Plescia-Buchi, Maxime


Over the past decade, tattoos have become one of the most popular forms of visual culture in the world. This lavishly illustrated book showcases the work of the most significant tattoo practitioners o..

Disponibilidad Normal 7 días
LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786270757 | 2018 | 528 Pág. | Tapa dura | inglés | LIBRO

Ways of being


How do you be an artist? How do you become one in the first place, and what sort of advice should you heed along the way? Is art a 'career', or a vocation? Do you need a studio or a dealer, and how do..

Disponibilidad Normal 7 días
LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING | 9781786273079 | 2018 | 168 Pág. | LIBRO


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