Psychopathology: From Science to Clinical Practice


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"At last, a book that sets out to integrate the science and practice of clinical psychology and actually succeeds! Castonguay and Oltmanns have epitomized the integration of research and practice in their distinguished careers, and this compelling book demonstrates the value of doing so. It distills the essence of clinical psychology as a scientific enterprise."--Peter E. Nathan, PhD, The University of Iowa Foundation Professor of Psychology Emeritus, University of Iowa

"This is a bold and long overdue volume that belongs on the bookshelf of every graduate student, clinician, and researcher interested in the contemporary relation between clinical science and practice. Castonguay and Oltmanns have brought together a stellar group of contributors. A significant strength of this book is its breadth. It goes beyond simple DSM symptom-based descriptions of various forms of psychopathology to review basic research on 'non-symptom' characteristics of disorders--such as social and occupational functioning, emotion dysregulation, and the cultural context in which the aberrant behaviors occur--and to discuss implications for evidence-based prevention and treatment."--Ian H. Gotlib, PhD, David Starr Jordan Professor, Department of Psychology, Stanford University

"Castonguay and Oltmanns have assembled an all-star cast of contributing authors. The book is unique in its thoughtful integration--in each and every chapter--of research on etiology and treatment. The editors achieve their goal of combining breadth with insightful scholarship. This book is a valuable addition to the libraries of professionals, students, and researchers interested in any aspect of psychopathology."--Howard Berenbaum, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"An excellent text for any course on psychopathology, especially those focused on the integration of science and practice. The editors and contributing authors do a masterful job of describing recent advances in our understanding of the nature, course, epidemiology, etiology, and treatment of disorders. Chapters include cutting-edge discussions of biological, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, and developmental factors, as well as overviews of revised classifications in DSM-5. There is something here for everyone, whether student or advanced practitioner."--Leslie S. Greenberg, PhD, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, York University, Canada

"I have used Psychopathology in my graduate-level psychopathology seminar for the past three years. The text provides a broad, evidence-based introduction to the subject that is appropriate for graduate students ready to begin independent research. The chapters are comprehensive, clear, and concise. I am confident that this text gives my students necessary background to understand the sophisticated original articles that we also read in the course."--David Cicero, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii at Manoa 
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