This Is Gomorrah


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Chatfield, Tom
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A rollicking good cyber thriller - one to make William Gibson proud -- Madison Smartt Bell I read this from behind the sofa... I can't think of a better way to learn about hacking and the dark web . . . Halfway between a TED talk and rollercoaster! -- Philippa Perry Accomplished and chilling . . . Chatfield writes with real skill, intelligence, and, despite the grim story, humor * Publishers Weekly * a seething knot of spies, hackers, terrorists, tech and humans: absolutely brilliant. -- Carl Miller Fast and funny, dangerous and blinding-bright . . . an adrenaline-rush of a book for our menacing times -- Paul Cody If espionage today is all about hack and counter-hack, which it clearly is, then Tom Chatfield has just written the classic twenty-first century spy thriller. Move over James Bond: Azi Bello has hacked your smartphone and he owns you. -- Michael Ridpath A tight, fast-moving thriller. Like Three Days of the Condor for the internet age -- Mason Cross A sharp thriller that takes us deep into the digital underworld. Taut and tense . . . a well told, fast-paced story packed with contemporary relevance -- Adam Hamdy Punchy, powerful and one hell of a wild ride, this is thriller writing at its absolute best -- Chris Whitaker Gripping, intelligent and stylish. -- Sophie Hannah A techno-thriller with wit and style. It reminded me of Chris Brookmyre, and praise doesn't come higher than that. -- Mick Herron

Control the Internet, Control the World Darknets are everywhere - and those who know where to look can find anything. Drugs, guns, porn, ideologies, lives and deaths are all up for sale . . . and everything must go. Elite hacker, loner, charmer, idealist and connoisseur of other people's mistakes, Azi Bello exists in a world where the dark side of technology is abolishing the old order - and he has a front row seat. When the secretive but intriguing Munira reaches out to Azi for help, her story sparks his interest. Munira's cousin has been recruited to work for a terrorist state and in her attempts to find out more, she has attracted the attention of some very dangerous people. As they work together, Azi and Munira are drawn into an unimaginable conspiracy, at the heart of which is Gomorrah: an exclusive online marketplace where anything can be acquired and the world's worst individuals lurk. As he throws himself into uncovering Gomorrah's dangerous secrets, it isn't long before Azi's carefully constructed world begins to fall apart - and he is forced to become much more than just a spectator. But when identities can be changed with just a few clicks . . . can you ever really trust anyone?

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