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Address: Balmes 26 / 08007 Barcelona

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It has not been recorded in any travel book, but an itinerary of thousands of pages has ended up at some point in the ALIBRI shelves. Nor has it been collected in any biography, but surely the life of some reader has been definitely stirred by reading a title purchased at ALIBRI.The bookstore is always anonymous to the book and is an occasional station for the reader, but for 85 years, the ALIBRI, and whoever says ALIBRI, says HERDER, has meant this discrete but essential part of literature: the hands of a bookseller delivering a book.
In 1925, while in Barcelona, Antonio Schaedel opened the shutters of a store on Balmes Street for the first time, in Stockholm, George Bernard Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature... And it is curious to think that someone I was arranging a table of Bernard Shaw news in that old HERDER without knowing that 85 years later another person would do the same with Vargas Llosa, the most recent Nobel Prize winner, who at that time had not even arrived to this world...

It is curious to think that in 1925 someone was opening a box that had just arrived from Iliurar with the first edition of the hit of the year, Marinero en Tierra by Alberti... And since HERDER soon became a reference in international literature, it is common to imagine that a reader approached with the recommendation of a friend who had returned from a trip to the United States and had insisted that an author named Scott Fitzgerald, who that same year he had just published The Great Gatsby.
Thus, the first steps of ALIBRI coexisted with an intellectually restless and cosmopolitan city that orbited around local figures such as Foix, Salvat-Papasseit or Carles Riba, in the magnetic surrealism of Breton driven from a distance, in the first juggling of Lorca or Salines, in the continental solidity of Hesse or Kafka... And more beyond the gates, the turbulent years after the coup d'état of 1923 or the imminent Universal Exhibition of 1929 that would transform the city.

The story of ALIBRI can be told in its 85 years of celebration, but it would be better if it were told in chapters. It's a bookstore... And its history would fit more in an anthology than in a chronology. Some chapters highlighted by the gaze of readers who evaluate the spines of the books and their choreographies in the shelves until the crush of love arises, other chapters marked by the consequences of the Civil War, some unusual pages dedicated to someone who perhaps in 1925 stopped by the bookstore to buy something, since it had been Inspired after visiting Bali's first solo exhibition in Barcelona.
Some volumes that speak of the primordial vocation of disseminating humanistic, scientific and technical, and hence its recognition as a "university bookstore" in 1941; and of his reverence for all languages, which has been one of the most proclaimed signs of identity since its foundation.

It was necessary to celebrate that she is still alive and this November literature, music, photography... will come to blow out the candles on the cake on this happiness-filled anniversary of ALIBRI. To do this, the numerous proposals of this program will be a seal at the foot of ALIBRI's commitment to the organization of activities. Book presentations, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, readings... will pass through the auditorium throughout the month of November.
ALIBRI is the natural daughter of Editorial Herder. She was born from literature and still surrenders to literature. The Complete works of ALIBRI are yet to be completed and the bookseller's hand continues writing its pages. Have passed and more recommended readings for cloudy days, readings to get drowsy, readings for accompany a fado, readings to walk along hanging bridges... In short, 85 years for a bookstore is the balance of a prodigious communion between the cardinal points of the book: author, editor, bookseller and reader.

Come and read...

University Service

We have an institutional order management department with specialized personnel and extensive experience that offers the following services:

  • Bibliographic search, we can get any book that is available on the market national and international publisher.
  • Budgeting
  • Management of institutional orders and monitoring thereof
  • Continuous information on the status of orders
  • Personalized attention from a person in charge who will give you an immediate response to your queries
  • Individualized attention to the needs of each institution to adapt to billing, cataloging, shipping, etc.
  • Cataloging of documents

Online Cataloging

Our cataloging department was created in 1999, made up of personnel with degrees (Diploma in Library Science and Documentation) with a high degree of professional experience that allows us to achieve the level of quality it offers our company.

We currently offer our services to the Consorci de Libraries Universitàries de Catalunya (CBUC), the Xarxa of Specialized Libraries of the Generalitat (BEG), the Xarxa of Public Libraries of the Deputation of Barcelona, the Xarxa of Public Libraries of the Generalitat and the Consorci de Libraries of Barcelona (CBB).